Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Inaccurate knowledge about the Mind, is sustaining the Fragmentation of intelligence.

Fragmented intelligence can’t be conditioned to accurate knowledge or ideas of Truth in memory, but only to inaccurate knowledge in memory. It is because, replay of inaccurate knowledge prompts the human intelligence to go on a wild goose chase, giving pleasure, escape or diversion from sorrow.

This statement goes to say that True or accurate knowledge itself was not found so far. Many Religious texts have also said that ‘True knowledge alone liberates mankind’. This also can be used to confirm that the true knowledge wasn’t found so far. If it was found, human intelligence couldn’t have remained in this bondage so far. True knowledge means only the actual description or diagnosis of the ailment or the injury. Because, human intelligence has the amazing ability to overcome its own lacuna, injury or the aberration, as soon as it discovers or comes to know the nature of actual damage.

Next question that may usually arise is ‘Why then the human intelligence in everyone, has been unable to discover its own lacuna or damage?’ The answer is not far to seek. Firstly, human intelligence is damaged due to an error in upbringing or the growing years of the brain and then it is fed only with inaccurate knowledge, whereby the intelligence is unable to understand its own amazing abiity. Secondly, wherever human intelligence has been raised without an error in upbringing, the basic knowledge about the structure, principle, operation and application of intelligence are not provided.

Further, a conditioned mind can’ be de-conditioned by merely giving to it the accurate set of knowledge. For instance, if a person is bonded to wrong or inaccurate information, it is not the wrong knowledge alone that is responsible, but the tendency and quality nature of gluing or binding of the intelligence, to the lifeless recording in memory, caused by fragmentation. The Intelligence has to meditate to allow the fragmentation to cease on its own.

An unfragmented intelligence can’t be conditioned or bound to any knowledge at all. It is the 'glue' or the instability that is binding. It is the fear or the conditioning that is holding on to pieces in memory.

It is undeniable that average present human behavior is not conducive to the stability and harmony in the world. Not only the environment is badly degraded but also human inter-actions have become highly conflicting. 

Present human problem is twofold. 1) Energy or the ‘I’ is getting damaged due to an error in the growing years of the brain, and 2) Wrong or inaccurate knowledge is also fed to it by the society and surroundings, and often unknowingly through text books also.


Sunday, 22 February 2015


The section of mankind, who can ‘make or mar’ the world!

Great Teachers, whether Religious, Political or otherwise intellectual, produced and shared their ideas to benefit mankind. Teachers were undoubtedly free or nearly free, but their ideas can’t always be termed complete or accurate, particularly when relating to the liberation of human mind.  Eventually, the ideas were brought down or reached to the common people, by carriers or leaders, who were articulate and were able to connect with both the teachers and the common men, because of their maximum freedom, available in the still duality dominant state.

Carriers had their own way of understanding the teachings and it may have added further to the already existing but invisible inaccuracy in the teachings. However, these carriers are highly enterprising and have great drive or energy and are the key movers of this world, and hence are called as ‘make or mar’ people, who occupy a small section of society of nearly 1% of population. For them, the motivated hope or dream of success of their venture, obscures the picture of futility of the ‘knowledge centric or dominant’ path. Man doesn’t seem to learn from history, that all such ventures have failed in the past and also are failing even now in trying to bring happiness or to liberate mankind.

Leaders are generally influencing, succeeding and forcibly effective in their ventures, because they have the highest possible amount of intelligence (49%), in duality or the emotion dominant state. They may appear to be often noisy and breaking laws, because they are still dominated and motivated by ‘duality’ or fragmentation of intelligence. They follow, twist or often manipulate the ‘dictum’ given by their Religious, Political or otherwise Intellectual mentors, to succeed in their objectives, whatever it may be or whatever they consider right. In other words, they have the maximum ‘energy or drive’, but their ‘direction’ is slightly off the mark, which is evident by the continuing deterioration of the state of the world and also of the poor and the meek population in the world.

Why buy or sell ‘half truths’, which is like single crop seed that too on subscription basis, when permanently yielding ‘absolute truth’ is available almost inexpensively? When leaders are adept in selling anything to the world, it is unimaginable how effectively they could be, when they get the ‘absolute truth’ in their hands, which benefits them as well as everyone from birth to death in all generations. 

Leaders are listed in the Row No.4 in the diagram below, who can make or mar the world.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Proof of the pudding is in its eating, not merely carrying it in our back packs!

It is already said earlier that we are discussing here as friends, who are serious and concerned about the disharmony in humanity. Obviously there is no pressure, persuasion or encouragement of any sort to accept this author’s theory. It merely states that it is merely like a calibration error in perception that is resulting in all conflicts in mankind. Until non-duality is at least intellectually understood, one may not see the need or attempt to regain it. It needs to be understood and examined rather than accepted.

When Duality is the order of the day, temporary escapes from misery are always arranged to be door delivered. So, the possibility of getting rid of duality is remote. When distractions of duality are both noisy and picturesque, who would like to choose or search for a permanent liberation from duality? Fortunately, duality is not affecting the entire Intelligence or the ‘I’ in all and always, and there is still enough of intelligence left in a large majority of people, who want to see the truth and regain its entirety or return to its non-dual state.

Dual state of mind or Fragmented state of Intelligence is often motivated by its own division, leading to both hyperactivity and inaccurate responses. After the mass communication tools arrived, hyper activity prompted the human intelligence into becoming Knowledge Factories. Most often the new knowledge produced is causing more disharmonies in mankind, because it is motivated and uses memory indiscriminately. Non dual mind can produce only harmonious knowledge, because it has its own checks and balances inherent in it.

Like the proverbial cart put before the horse, Knowledge Dominating Theories (KDT), are springing up like mushrooms, where Knowledge is given precedence over its producer, the Intelligence. If Intelligence was rightly understood and disseminated first as the producer of all knowledge, these theories won’t have arisen so fast. Most of them are irrelevant for the happiness of mankind and they can merely alter, replace, sustain or strengthen the existing conditioning, rather than attempting to liberate the human intelligence from all conditionings once for all. Following diagram illustrates this phenomenon of Knowledge Factories.

Knowledge clusters 1 to 3 indicate the clusters of knowledge according to the volume of the population they concern or relate to. Nearer the truth, more the popularity is, like scientific discoveries (3) that are world class, non-controversial and applicable to whole mankind. Mixed Truths and Half Truths can’t save mankind.

Though great teachers like Shankara first expressed the normal or non-dual state of mind, it still has to go a long way till the whole of humanity or at least the majority retains it or achieves it, to get some lasting peace in the world. We can’t just sit cross legged and pray for a magical change of our minds into the state of non-duality. In other words, to say that the last word has been said on non-duality may be incorrect. After all, it is like the proverbial proof of the pudding is in its eating, not in carrying it in our back pack. 

Monday, 9 February 2015


Generally, sensory perception of the ‘I’ or intelligence for the first time is called as information. Then it is stored in memory as knowledge, which we recapitulate from memory as and when necessary. The knowledge goes on growing in volumes by analysis, permutations and combinations with new information continuously. In other words, knowledge is nothing but past perceptions. Thanks to various means, methods, modes of mass communication, human knowledge has grown from Zero to its almost immeasurable quantity today.

For a crude and easy understanding Knowledge can be compared to a commodity and Truth for its purity or accuracy. For instance, if one has to buy some Gold, one has to order the quantity and quality as say, 20 gms (weight) of 24 Carat (purity) of Gold, for the exact description of one's requirement.

Unlike commodities, knowledge and its purity can’t be standardized in all areas as they depend on the producer and the consumer. Sometimes, its impurity, inaccuracy and ineffectiveness may be found later or never. We may not be able to measure the volumes or grades of knowledge yet. However, we are roughly able to determine and say whether the information received or given is Complete, full or final (in volume) and its Correctness or accuracy (purity) as required at that time.  

The quality of the knowledge produced and disseminated can be different from the quality perceived by the receiver of that knowledge, as it is determined by the level of fragmentation of the ‘I’. Only in its non-dual state, the ‘I’ produces the best and relevant knowledge and also sieves the received knowledge accordingly. Since mankind has lost its non-dual state, needless controversies are arising in the field of information.

Many people are needlessly producing, storing, analyzing and using excessive or even inaccurate knowledge, because the ‘I’ is motivated to do so, and also out of wrong advice or knowledge. Minimum Knowledge is enough for man to lead a happy life. For fulfillment of life, some more may be desirable. However, any knowledge which doesn’t meet the criterion of need or fulfillment may be futile.